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Eighteen Eves

Eighteen Eves is based in Gold Coast, with a commitment to the sourcing of local fabrics, which are then turned into a wide range of terrific golf and leisurewear by their own team of seamstresses. Golfers will be attracted by their active wear, which is created using a stretch and sweat friendly fabric, aiding movement as you make your way round your local golf course.

Golf course fashion and function from Eighteen Eves

When you browse our Gammon Golf selections from Eighteen Eves, your eye will surely be quickly taken with their commitment to style. Their range features stunning yet classic tailored fit polo shirts, easily and stunningly matched with 100% breathable cotton natural fibre Bermuda style golf skorts.

Another Eighteen Eves speciality is their range of ladies golf gloves. Featuring some wonderfully original patterns, these gloves combine soft leather palms with flexible backs, making it a pleasure to grip any club. Add a Velcro tab and UV 50+ sun protection and you’ve surely found the perfect Australian made golfing glove!

If you want to ask more about our Eighteen Eves products, please contact our own team of keen golfers right here. As you browse, we know you’ll appreciate the terrific value we offer here at Gammon Golf. We also provide two-day delivery, and no shipping charges in Australia if your order is over $29…