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Under Armour

Under Armour is one of the newer major players in the field of golf gear – yet they are already around a quarter of a century old. They are headquartered in Baltimore, but are increasingly a worldwide presence. Majoring in performance apparel, with golf shoes now a major development field for the company. They are also eager users of product placement in film franchises such as The Avengers, Captain America and Ironman and TV shows including  House of Cards and The Wire amongst others.

Our Under Armour Choices

Under Armour gear is popular with both sexes and all ages from kids upwards. They offer stylish polos, tapered trousers and shorts, as well as their often-seen baseball caps. Their fleeces and storm tops are popular where the colder days occasionally arrive; shorts and skorts another stylish range.

If you have any questions about Under Armour products ask them here. Our team of keen golfers, here at Gammon Golf, will get back to you within the time it takes to play nine holes on the weekend! Note also highly competitive prices, two-day delivery schedules, and free shipping if your order is over just $29…