Walkinshaw Sports

Based in Melbourne, Walkinshaw Sports have shown an ongoing commitment to product design and manufacturing that truly matches the needs of our Australian marketplace. They also act as a licensee for many great sporting brands such as the NRL and AFL and have a close relationship with the increasingly influential Under Armour brand.

Great golfing gear from Walkinshaw Sports

Our team of eager golfers here at Gammon Golf love the terrific range of Walkinshaw Sports products. Their bags and buggies match the use of premium materials with a superbly functional design.

Let’s start with Walkinshaw golf bags, constructed using only premium fabrics and fittings. Across their range, you’ll find a superb choice of terrific features, including stash-away complete rain covers, multi-pocket lightweight designs, umbrella sheaths, easy-lift handles (both base and top). You can also find compressible side pockets, fleece-lined waterproof valuables pocket,  tee holders and pen pouches, plus a towel or accessory clip. You might seek out an external putter pit, or full length dividers. Whatever your requirements, we expect you to find a Walkinshaw Golf bag that’s just right!

Walkinshaw’s buggies are also hugely popular. They are noted for superb features such as their smooth movement and 360 degree front wheel swivel, offering effortless glide matched with great stability and durability, and their quick collapsibility for easy storage. Walkinshaw also provide their own accessories including: swivel and cart seats, and umbrella holders. Spare parts include: wheels, stabiliser struts, locking mechanisms, bag brackets, sand hooks, scorecard holders, handle tubes and much more.

As you browse, if you have any queries about any of these Walkinshaw products, please contact our team here. Enjoy our competitive prices, 2-day delivery and free shipping for any Australian orders over $29…

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