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Their selection of golf clubs is probably the most important choice that golfers will ever make. They are our friends and companions when we’re performing well, and can be a bit roughly dealt with when the ball just doesn’t do exactly what we want it to.

From stepping onto the first tee until holing out on the eighteenth green, they are with us every step of the way. Enjoying the style, touch, feel and balance of your chosen clubs is so vital. Here at Gammon Golf we also know that great value is just so important. You’ll see what we mean as you spend time browsing all our choices. Many people like to choose specific brands, whether because it’s a favourite player’s choice, or their own personal preferences. Among the famous names you’ll find here are TaylorMade, Calloway, Srixon, Cleveland Golf, and many others.

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Superb golf clubs choices from tee to green As you search out what you’re looking for, you’ll appreciate so many possibilities in mens, ladies and juniors, right-handed or left…
  • Drivers - whether you are looking for greater distance off the tee, better control of the flight of your ball - or both
  • Fairway Woods - to pick that ball cleanly from fairways or semi-rough, then you need confidence in the control that fairway woods offer
  • Hybrids - often a saver of strokes when you prefer these to deliver a higher flight shot with les spin when compared to using a low-number iron
  • Driving Irons - another option for those truly testing long-iron shots from fairway, rough, or occasionally even a sand trap
  • Complete sets of irons - allowing for a consistency of feel and outcome right through your bag; with the angles, flex and set-up that’s just right for you
  • Single Irons - to replace what’s missing, or doesn’t suit your game any more, individual irons can bring your set back up to full strength
  • Wedges - where pars are saved and birdies made - a great selection of sand, gap or lob choices; with terrific loft and bounce angle options
  • Chippers - using your putting stroke but with the loft to hit a chip shot and gain that extra control
  • Putters - the club you love - and sometimes love to hate! So many styles to choose from; which one best suits your game - and even temperament! Different lengths and grips to suit

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From one-offs to complete sets You might also be looking out for a complete package of woods, irons, putter and bags, either for yourself or as a gift for a newly-excited golfer. These are also a terrific idea for youngsters taking up the game, with special sets, or single clubs, for age groups from under fives to those about to hit their teenage years.

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Ready to browse our golf clubs? You might have a question or two to ask. Our Gammon Golf team are all keen golfers, and ready to help in any way we can. Simply contact us here for a swift reply. As you enjoy checking out our great club choices, more great news: we can deliver in just two days across Australia - and any order of more than just $29 is shipped for free...