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Golf gloves are a key part of their equipment for almost every golfer, from an eager starter to an experienced player. Nowadays very few people choose to play with none; of course a select few choose to wear two! Otherwise, even in Australia, the weather can turn cool or downright cold – many experts suggest using golf gloves on both hands in such situations – the same if it’s very wet. Generally, your glove works on your lead hand, on top of your grip, to help prevent that club turning and friction being lost.

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Factors to consider in your golf gloves choice Here at Gammon Golf, we know just how important your choice of golf glove is. You’ll be searching for just the right texture and feel that gives you the comfort and control of grip that is vital for every shot. In our generally hot Australian climate, this is probably even more important than in other, cooler, golfing countries. You’ll expect your gloves to help reduce the problem, if you are a golfer who tends to grip the club so tightly that calluses or blisters might form. A glove should also help improve your grip, making it easier to hold the club less tightly. When considering fit, the golf glove should stretch right across your palm and knuckles, allowing your fingers to fit comfortably. You’ll be able to choose wisely from the range of sizes, including for youngsters, and for both hands, offered in our Gammon Golf glove selections. You might also be looking for half-gloves, the choice of a number of lady golfers in particular, rather than going for full coverage.

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Superb golf glove choices Given all the key points mentioned above, you’ll be delighted by the range of golf glove options - all at terrific value prices - that we are offering. You’ll find the top brand names, and in packs of up to six, that you’d expect - such as TaylorMade, Srixon, Callaway, Mizuno, Eighteen Eves and many others. Some more factors that might influence your golf glove choice:
  • Increased breathability
  • Moisture reduction
  • Comfortably lightweight
  • Angled and secure stretch fit
  • Synthetic materials mixed with leather contact patches
  • A range of colour choices

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Ready to browse our Gammon Golf glove choices? Go for it! As you do, feel free to marvel at our superbly competitive prices for all our golf gloves. If your current gloves have suddenly given up the game, then you’ll be pleased with our two-day delivery - and we offer free shipping for any orders over just $29. As well as being proud managers of the superb public golf courses at Rowville Lakes (just off the M1 freeway), Malvern Valley (just 10 minutes from the Melbourne CBD), and Freeway (beside the Yarra River), our friendly and helpful team are keen golfers like you; so we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. You can contact us here and we guarantee response to enquiries within just a couple of hours. So, browse and choose right here and right now...