Golf Shoes

As golfers choose their golf shoes, they are considering a range of factors. Key amongst them likely are….

  • The first might well be comfort, as they walk around a course that’s probably not flat. So, sometimes it’s uphill and at others down, on a variety of surfaces from greens and fairways to rough and bunkers (hopefully not as often).
  • Their choice in golf shoes also needs to deliver substantial support while taking a variety of stances, and then when hitting through a wide range of different shots.
  • Weather conditions will often also play a part in their choice – whether to offer comfort during real heat or being able to cope with sudden rainfall. Hard wearing in often tough conditions might be a priority for you.
  • Style choices will then also come into play

So, if you want your feet to both feel good and look good as you stride round your courses of choice, then our huge Gammon Golf selection of the best in golfing footwear – and at great value prices – is a terrific place for an enjoyable browse!

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Your great golf shoes choices You can browse at your leisure through our range of the possibilities for men, women and juniors. We offer a wide choice of sizes - and even some great golf footwear accessories. As you do so, there’s more great news for Australia’s golfers: you’ll find superbly competitive prices, plus delivery in just two days. If your order totals more than just $29, we’ll also throw in free shipping. Your golf shoes choices reflect both traditional and modern styles, and feature all the brand names that you would expect, including Sketchers, Callaway, Puma, Adidas, Asics and many more. So, what’s important to you when checking out these fairway footwear options? You might be looking for:
  • Leather or synthetic uppers
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Soft padding insoles
  • Rotational support
  • Durable outsoles
  • Lace or tight close technology
  • Waterproof warranty
  • Soft stretch fabric lining
  • Springy feel
  • Wrapped fit
  • Comfortable base
  • Removable inlays
  • Traction plate outsoles
  • Replaceable spikes
  • Interior moisture management
  • Traction-delivering cleats
  • Hi-Top junior shoes
...and so many other great features

Cheap Golf Shoes

And more than just the shoes At Gammon Golf, we know it doesn’t just stop at great golf shoes. As well as many different sock choices, found on our golf clothes page here, you’ll find accessories on this page to keep your golf shoes both clean and protected; plus spare packs of laces, even refresher sprays for hot and maybe a little stinky Australian summer days. You might want to add waterproofing or love the ease that a shoehorn can provide when your muscles might be in a complaining mood.

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Any golf footwear queries? As keen golfers ourselves, we appreciate how important the choice of comfortable and reliable footwear is. If you have any questions, or would like a little advice before making a final choice, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here and we’ll get back to within a couple of hours. Now, browse with pleasure as you select from those stunning golf shoes...